Nous allons commencer au moment où la surface de la Terre se refroidit et durcit jusqu’à ce qu’il devienne une enveloppe solide. En ce moment, notre planète était ronde avec une surface hymogenous et solide (comme l’état actuel de la surface de la Lune ou la planète Mars) après un refroidissement de la première matière dont la terre est composée. Appelé une terre ronde primitive avec une couche extérieure solidifiée et un noyau en fusion. Dans ce temps la terre a subi un impact énorme en raison d’une chute d’un astéroïde à l’intersection entre la dorsale médio atlantique et l’équateur qui a provoqué des fissures et une fissure traversant le manteau de la terre où la lave pour trouver sa façon de commencer une divergence entre les deux bords de la fissure au fil du temps cette divergence élargirent le contour de la Terre, qui se traduit par un rayon plus à l’équateur qu’aux pôles.







After this impact, which caused the mid Atlantic ridge which is the main and unique factor of continental drift that will progress for millions of years to give the earth its current state, our planet Earth has lost its roundness to give Birth to its equator and its two poles, this difference between the equatorial and polar rays reveals the earth’s magnetic field.



The beginning

This study is a new vision on how the continents are derived, and it is the result of several years of personal efforts, based solely on the study of the various scientific articles published on the internet, and with modest means.

It is a very big project that will touch all the disciplines of geology and even other scientific disciplines and that I liked it to be more thorough and detailed and published in a more professional way, but Unfortunately I could not get support even though I contacted several research centers and several people working in the field, I think it is because of the poor presentation of this project. So I decided to publish this research with a simple language, and as much as possible scientific terms, in the form of a series of monthly articles, with a well studied sequence, which treats the phenomenon from the beginning. And I hope I can convey this study to you in a very understandable way.